Meet Jessica Malloyblack-woman-working-out-1000

She is a twenty-eight year old loving wife and a mother to a 3, 5, and 10 year old. Malloy enjoys the simple things in life such as yoga, and catching up on her favorite shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” (when the kids aren’t climbing over her shoulder). She works as a branch manager at a local bank near her home, so she usually walks to work or rides her bike.

Malloy typically uses the web to search new recipes for her family to enjoy, Netflix, yoga classes, online clothes shopping, online banking, and checking her work email. Recently Malloy and her husband have been on the market to find a new house and a good real estate agent. For those who have experience in buying new property can only imagine how much research goes in to that.

Also, she is a pretty cautious web user, which means she doesn’t miss any details and like to be in the know.