Nacho Mama !

I need a place to go! I’ve been overwhelmed with work, school, and my beautiful active baby  girl. I wake up as early as 6 AM to get dressed and ready for work. While I am worrying about getting myself ready I pray to God I don’t step on a noisy toy and wake up my baby girl. Once I’ve completed the task of getting myself ready (which I hope I did because my eyes are barely open) I proceed to get my daughter ready. Usually, she is never ready to wake up so she cry’s some mornings from the sound of “Good morning Kamiyah” and eventually whines down. Once she realized I’ve got to change her pamper, changer her undershirt, and put on an outfit, the crying starts all over again.

After this, I am rushing down the stairs with my baby on my hip. Grabbing a banana and yogurt to shove in my purse. I put on my jacket and then I have to wrestle to put her jacket on because in her mind, its time to play. Finally, after getting her jacket on she is off to day care and I am off to my 8 hour shift sitting in an enclosed office all day. When my shift is over, I am now to get my baby and enjoy countless hours of non-stop play, screaming, kicking, drooling, spitting, and climbing. All to repeat the same thing all over again the next day. Long story short, I need a break and one of my good girlfriends decided to take me on a date to give me the break I needed.

We decided to go to a eatery/bar that we have never been to and came across Nacho Mama’s. Nacho Mama’s is located in Towson, MD across the street from Towson Commons. For those of you who are familiar with Towson area, Towson Commons is where the old Towson movie theaters used to be located. Once we got there, luckily someone was pulling out from their parking space allowing us to park right in front of the eatery. Sadly, I thought we had to pay a meter. But as it turns out, we didn’t have to pay because it was after 6 PM.

At first glance, the place seems to be filled with many pictures and statues of Elvis Presley and a fish that is made to look like Elvis (I’m not sure why a Mexican restaurant would like Elvis so much). The aroma in the building smelled of wings, nachos, and beer. A great combination of smells if i might add. The place was well lit, not too bright and not too dark, just the right amount of lighting. There were televisions by the bar other than that it seemed to be a place to enjoy your friends, family or whomever with great conversation. Aside from the looks, we were seated right away at the only table available because it seems to be the thing to do on a Wednesday night.

FullSizeRenderNow it’s time for us to order, and they have a variety of great menu items to choose from. Unlike most restaurants that serve you fresh rolls before your meal, Nacho Mama’s serves you nachos with salsa dip. I thought that was pretty cool because I wasn’t expecting anything honestly. Since we just wanted drinks and food we didn’t order an appetizer we just ate the nachos and salsa and ordered our food later.

Now on to the important question, where is the alcohol? They have a large selection of margaritas, craft beers, and wine. We were more interested in their infamous hubcaps (As seen on the right). We decided to order their strawberry margarita in a hubcap. Since we shared one we decided to order another one (we paid for it later).

As for dinner, we choose between wings or quesadilla. Being as though we were technically in a Mexican restaurant, we choose to get quesadillas. However, we didn’t get the usual chicken and cheese. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger quesadilla and my friend ordered a Philly cheesesteak quesadilla. When I tell you that the quesadillas were hot, crunchy, cheesy, and well made I am NOT kidding you. These quesadillas were Deee-licious, and had we not been drunk we would have taken pictures of them.

Once we got the bill, we immediately sobered up. We ordered two hubcaps and two quesadillas and gratuity was included in the bill so it came up to $129 for two people. Would we go there again? Yes! Would we get 2 hubcaps? No! But I must say they was a well needed outing and I am glad we discovered Nacho Mamas.  If your a mom like myself or anyone looking to have a decent night out go to Nacho Mamas.




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