How About a Crockpot?

Yes, you read it right, a crockpot. No I am not talking about the lyrics to the new hit song “Bad and Bougie.” I am bringing it back to the kitchen, a real kitchen where people cook actual meals. I work a full-time job and after completing my 8 which is really a 9 hour shift, I get off to attend my never ending shift of taking care of my newborn baby. Although my boyfriend loves to cook, it is always nice when I participate in being completely domestic and create a meal for my family. So, I though a crockpot would be a perfect investment. Dinner can slow cook while I am at work.  I can come home and whala! The meal is prepared.

I did a little research on Google to find the perfect one to fit the needs of my family. I did not imagine there were so many versions of a machine that did the exact same thing but there were. But the main things to look at when buying a crockpot is the size of the crockpot, how many quarts? The color of the crockpot, and is it dishwasher safe? That kind if thing. Although there were many decisions to choose from, only one brand stood out to me the most. Sold! The Proctor-Silex crockpot from JCPenny and its super awesome price of twenty-nine dollars (compared to the seventy-nine dollar ones I kept seeing) and my $5 JCPenny gift card. I decided to go with the 3 quart Proctor-Silex since its only 3 of us, and our baby cannot eat grown-up food so its just 2 of us.

Alright, now that I’ve got the crockpot, what is for dinner? I was craving BBQ ribs and my moms famous recipe uses a crockpot to make her ribs. The sides I would figure out later but ribs it is. I went to the Giant supermarket and picked up two packs of rib strips with the bone in them and other ingredients to complete the dish and add some sides. I seasoned the ribs and placed them in the slow cooker along with the other ingredients. I am glad that I only bought two packs of ribs because a third would have been too much, it may not have fit. According to, a lot of users ran into the same issue I had, it was a little too small. Sized aside, it heated up really quickly which was a relief. I did not want to head to work wondering if I had turned it on right or not. Also, it was easy to use as far as the handles on the side and single lid.

Okay, work is over and my baby is picked up from day care. Its time to see the magic my new crockpot has put out on my ribs. I must say, the ribs turned out perfectly. They were not as long and thick like they were in the packaging, but they were soft, tender, and kind of melt in your mouth. The crockpot definitely had my entire house smelling like fresh cooked ribs, all I had to do was add the sauce. Now I have BBQ flavored richness on my tongue with a kick of some spices from my moms recipe.

If we are being honest, I think I acquired a pretty good crockpot. Its small, simple, easy to use, and matches with the rest of my kitchen appliances. It also heated pretty quickly, and it was easy to clean when it was all said and done. I finished cooking a lot sooner than I thought, and dinner was delicious.



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